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    by Amy Chappelle

Happy Anniversary…..

to two very special people.

My mom and dad have been married 39 years today!

They have taught me so much and have been such an example.

I am so grateful.

She will still come in after a long day and make fried chicken because it is his favorite meal.

He will gladly hand over a bonus for her to go shopping at her favorite store, Chicos.

They are each other’s helpers.

My heart is happy.

Thank you, God.

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First Day of School

 A picture is worth a thousand words.

Can you tell which one is happy about starting school and which one is having a hard time giving up the freedoms of summer?

Sarah girl looks so grown up in this picture, I think.

She is thrilled to be in 1rst grade. She is no longer in the Barn, but in the REAL Lower school.

She is excited to be in Mr. Mahan’s class and cannot wait for the year to unfold.

 I hope she holds on to this excitement when the homework starts rolling in.

She is about to lose one of her top teeth. It is really loose.

Caleb is in 5th grade this year… WOW!

His class now are the SENIORS of lower school.

Oh I remember how Big the 5th graders looked to me. How did I get one?

Mr. C, here, is never excited to start school. It is not that he doesn’t like his school… In fact, he loves it. He does hate giving up his freedoms of summer. The boy loves his time. He likes not having too much of a schedule and we always mourn this a little when school starts with him.

Once he gets there, I know he enjoys his friends, etc.

I no longer worry too much over his lack of enthusiasm. I know it will be Ok.

Looking at this picture, I am thinking that I should have ironed his clothes. Oh well.

I did hit me, yesterday, that this is really the last year of  “mommie involvement” for Caleb’s class. I don’t think they have room moms, etc, in Middle School. I am thinking that it gets less cool to have mom’s come to lunch and other things in Middle School.

I  will cherish this year.

” I will press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus”

Phillipians 3:14

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Guys Trip : Oregon


I mentioned in an earlier post that our guys went on a trip to Oregon. It was an amazing trip for these two. Neither could quit talking about it for about a week.  They rafted and kayaked down The Rogue River. Saw several bears, camped in bear country (Mama did NOT know about this prior), jumped off 30 feet rocks,  went on hikes, and just had a blast.

Both agreed that the mornings were special. There was a chill in the air. My guys were still on central time, so they were always up first. When they would slip out of their tent, Bryan would get his first cup of coffee and Caleb some hot chocolate. Then, they would head out on a hike before breakfast.

Bryan said that he had to grit his teeth sometimes and say, “Sure, you can do that.” It was probably good that I wasn’t there. I do tend to be somewhat of a helicopter mom. I am learning to let go (a little). I know it is so good for him to have these adventures.

I saw this quote recently:

“Moms, do not raise your boys to be afraid to get hurt. You are raising up men whose job as a husband and father is to provide for and protect in a sacrificial, fearless way.”

Rock climbing was something he really enjoyed on this trip.

Caleb LOVED the inflatable kayaks. Bryan said he was not able to get any pictures in action because he was usually right beside him in another kayak.

They let Caleb control the raft a while. He said this was incredibly hard. The oars were 30 lbs each. So, he got a work out.  He lasted thirty minutes. Pretty good.

This is Caleb “Riding the Bull”:

Caleb caught this image of a deer running through camp:

And then there were the bears… Bryan said they were harmless. They seemed very disinterested in humans, thankfully.

Caleb caught this image:

I think it is so beautiful. I love the way he captured the light coming down on the water.

I am so thankful for these two. They are my dream guys.

I appreciate Bryan embracing Caleb’s adventurous side.

I know these are long lasting memories.

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Creekside and Cousins

Friday, we had great fun with cousins at Creekside Pool.

We brought the underwater camera for the kiddos to use.

Little did I know, we have more photographers in the family.

Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte (A.K.A. Caleb and Sam)

Oh yeah, Jacob was there too. He was just a little camera shy. Sarah caught these glimpses of the elusive cousin.

After The McClures left, we stayed for a few extra laps around the Lazy River. Fun, Lazy, Summer days.

10 more days left… May we treasure each one!

sherry - August 6, 2012 - 2:00 pm

We had so much fun with our cousins! Thanks for spending that day with us! We love yall!

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