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    by Amy Chappelle


It is starting to look a little like fall around here.

There is a crispness in the early morning air.

Oh, we are not there yet.

My boots beg to be worn and how I would love to slip on that sweater.

In Houston, as well as other places in the south, this is a time of layering. It may be crisp this morning, but you will be sure to break a sweat by noon. So we can’t put away our summer tanks just yet.

But… We can pull out the pumpkins.

Speaking of Fall, isn’t this family FALLICIOUS:

They are a sweet as they look. Sugar and spice to the 9’s.

There is something about sisters isn’t there?

My mom has two sisters and I have seen that bond first hand.

It is special and beautiful.

These sister have style in the most fabulous way:

Very Thankful for this crew.

And in just a few weeks, we can pull out our Fall threads too.



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Amazing Champions

Caleb has been playing flag football with some of his buddies this last month. It has been so fun. They won the playoff game on Tuesday which put them in the championship on Thursday. Caleb was super excited and nervous.

We listened to this on the way:

Amazing Champion

This is how the boys started the game:

Love their smiles….

And the dads:

They did not start assistant coaching until the second half. That’s pretty good.

Cowboys vs. Texans

Caleb in action. He had an interception that stopped a drive and he also caught a pass for about 15 yards. He also had some key tackles.

Prezley, our very own Ontario McCalebb, on the run. This boy is crazy fast!

We Won!!!!

20-6, I think??? I am not sure.

This shot is after the game while we are waiting on trophies. You have to Love Sarah:

So happy for them:


Wolverines plus one. Way to go boys:


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Celebrating Caleb

This seems forever ago and yesterday at the same time.

I LOVE this boy.

He has been a true joy in our life.

And he has the most amazing blue eyes.

And a belly laugh that is SO contagious.

And he is getting so big…

Happy 11 years, Caleb.

We celebrated with cookie cake at school:

Then, with his favorite pie, Peanut Butter cream pie, with Mimi, Grandpa, Nanny and Papa Brown:

Lastly, we had a sleepover with some friends :

Yes, if you count them, there are 8, 10 & 11 year old boys that were in my house at one time.

What was I thinking?

It was crazy loud. It was crazy rough.

I heard “Dude” more than I can say.

It was one of those nights you know your son will remember as a great night forever.

We played a “white elephant” gift exchange:

Yes, one of the boys is wearing a tutu. He lost a bet, or some game, or something.

And these guys can eat.

I was ready though.

When the boys walked in from school, one of the said, “Caleb, you have the best snacks”…. SCORE!

Caleb replied, “Dude, it’s not like this all the time” …unscore.

They had a large assortment of snacks, some healthy and some not-so-much.

I can tell you the snickers went first.

Then we had a Shaving Cream War:

I think this says it all:

It was raining at the time. Not heavy, but it was nice to have a little help to rinse off.

The morning after:


 A few facts about Caleb at this age:

  • He is a wild at heart boy. He loves the outdoors. Bryan and I talk about what we think he will be one day. We can’t see him behind a desk. Bryan has suggested that he could be a Park Ranger somewhere, or own a rafting company. Maybe he will surprise us.
  • This last year has been a big social year for my loner boy. Seems like all of the sudden, he is interested in sleepovers and being at all events. I think our next 10 years are going to be very busy toting our 2 kids to events.
  • Caleb will try any sport that he has time to squeeze in.
  • He just rode an airplane by himself to go visit Nana and Papa. It went well and couldn’t understand why everyone is asking him if he was afraid.
  • He still wears anything Auburn when he is not in uniform or dressed for games.
  • His toy of choice is Halo Legos, actually it is megablocks. I am running out of places to put Legos.
  • He is a good kid with a sweet spirit.

Bryan selected this verse from Psalm 8 for Caleb. We are planning on praying this over him all year:

32 “Now then, my children, listen to me;
blessed are those who keep my ways.
33 Listen to my instruction and be wise;
do not disregard it.
34 Blessed are those who listen to me,
watching daily at my doors,
waiting at my doorway.
35 For those who find me find life
and receive favor from the Lord.
36 But those who fail to find me harm themselves;
all who hate me love death.”

I love the part about “listen to me ” and “watching daily at my doors, waiting at my doorway”. How I would love for Caleb to be so anxious to hear from God that he would  eagerly wait in full expectation. In that, there is true life. I know there is big plans for this not so little boy. I am so blessed, so blessed, to get a front row seat in watching him grow.


Debbie - September 18, 2012 - 12:38 pm

Hard to respond because my eyes are full! When did he get this big??? This boy sure has a special place in this Nana’s heart! Our first grandchild! I cannot put into words how my life changed that September day and I will never be the same because of this blessing! How I love you!!!!

Ginger Chappelle - September 18, 2012 - 3:50 pm

I echo exactly what Debbie said! Being the 1st grandchild will always have a special place in my heart! What a precious gift is that young man who is growing up way to fast for this MiMi….love him so! Will be praying that special verse with you over this year.

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Introducing Cooper

Two weeks ago today, we surprised the kids with this:

To say they were excited is an understatement.

Caleb has asked for a dog for as long as we can remember. There were so many reasons NOT too get one….

But there was one reason to get one:

Caleb runs around in the yard with Cooper close behind. He loves to chase the soccer ball as Caleb kicks it.

Sarah now has a real living thing to pour her love into. I often look out back and she is carrying the poor dog and putting him in her lap. Cooper is trapped to her affections. He doesn’t seem to mind.

 Cooper is a Xoloitzcuintli. Yeah, I know, you have never heard of it.

Me either until my husband clued me in.

There was ALOT of research that went into Cooper.

We needed a dog that would not shed because Bryan has allergies.

We wanted a dog that would play with Caleb and be somewhat “boyish”.

We did not want one that was too big because we knew it would be in the house a lot.

We wanted one that would be trainable.

We had a Beagle before, so we wanted one that would not did up cement (that we buried under the fence) to escape.

So…. Hence, the Xolo (pronounced SHOLO).

Cooper is hairless….Yes, as in no hair. Well, he actually has a little on his face, paws, and tail.

I know, it is strange.

We are already comfortable with that.

I haven’t even got half the stares I expected when running with Cooper. (I thought people would see my dog and try to get far away b/c they may think something is wrong with him.)

It is a little weird the first time you pet him because dogs have hair, right?

It is really funny to see people touch him for the first time.

They don’t really know how too.

But once you pet him and see he responds just like any other dog, the weirdness seems to to away.

And, Sarah is excited that she will actually get to put clothes on him…

In the Winter, when we go out for walks, he will need to have some clothes on.

Caleb has requested an AU jersey for him.

So, I have been asked if I am still happy we got a dog.

The answer is yes!

There is some responsibility, but it is not near as bad as I had expected. I guess I had built it up in my head to ALOT of work.

There is some work involved and we really need a trainer to help us figure out a few things.

BUT, the good really does outweigh the bad.

So, I’m glad we took the plunge.

We are now a dog family!

sherry - September 12, 2012 - 1:17 am

Cooper is so adorable! I am so glad he’s a part of your family and can’t wait to see him grow!

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Baby Clara

She is a big girl for her age, a growing 2 weeks old.

So thankful for healthy little ones.

I have known her mama for a LONG time. We are two small town Alabama girls that ended up in the greater Houston area. We went to High School and College together.

Tara is a sweet Mama, you can tell.

There is a gentleness in her voice with her kiddos.

She has a beautiful home that is graced with toys.  She is embracing this stage of life with a 5, 3, and newborn.

We all should embrace our stages. I am learning they go by so fast.

I also got to visit with these two guys:

Can you say seriously Cute?

I love Emma’s hair cut.

Big Brother and Sister are in awe of their new little sister.

Pure Sweetness.

War Eagle!

Becky - August 26, 2012 - 12:45 am

Beautiful! Emma looks like her mom did when she was that age. That is the age I remember Tara most! Thanks for posting. Beautiful children, great photography.

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