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    by Amy Chappelle


Thankful for this place:

Thankful for growing families:

Thankful for her:

Thankful for memories with cousins:

Thankful for this season of smiles:

She has always had a camera nearby. Thankful for her influence:

Thankful for these guys:

Always Thankful for Nana:

Thankful for this photo:

It was my favorite from the trip.

I am sad to say that since it was taken, BJ has gone missing.

We loved him. He was a good dog.

My favorite memory of him: When he was just about 8 weeks old (ish), we all witnessed this dog swim across the pond to get to us… I thought Jessica was about to go in and rescue him, but he made it. We knew that day, he was a strong one.

Thankful for the time we had with him.

Kathy - February 2, 2013 - 1:47 am

I love your photos Amy! The one of Caleb is my favorite too! Sorry to hear about BJ!

Sweet memories!!

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Catherine and Brook’s Wedding

So, I am playing catch up.

The last few months are somewhat of a blur, BUT….

So much has happened and I will slowly catch the blog up.

Back up to November…

My cousin, Brook, got married to his fiance Catherine. I wish I had pictures of those two. They were/are the cutest, happiest couple. It was one of those weddings that you look at the couple and you remember who you were on your wedding day. They took me back and reminded me….

Anyway, Brook gave Caleb a HUGE honor and asked him to be a jr. escort for the wedding. Caleb felt so big and it was such a big deal for him to be included with the “big guys”.

Our Jr. Guy. Seriously so proud of him. He did something that he had never done before which isn’t the easiest thing for him. He felt honored and big. We were captivated watching him seat the people coming in.

Just some of my favorite guys in the whole Earth:

I think I like this picture better though. Makes me laugh, so them:

It’s a rare day when Chad Jones dresses up. We must document:

He cleans up nicely, doesn’t he?

My beautiful parents:

Sarah was so excited about getting all dressed up to come to the wedding:

I have to tell you that Sarah really enjoyed the reception. While others were eating, she had the whole dance floor with either her dad or myself or both sometimes… She danced and danced until she hit a wall in which she declared she was tired and wanted to go. Really, it was just as if she had twirled one too many times and the fun was over and she was ready to be little again. The switch turned off and she was ready to be carried to the car in which she would fall asleep within the first minute. Oh how I love this sweet girl. I admire her spunk and I get to have so much fun because of her. No way would I have ever have been so daring to be the only 2 on a dance floor without this little girl pulling me out there. Thank you God for pulling me out of myself with this little one.

I liked this picture too:

My grandmother is so beautiful:

The girls:

Bryan and his girl:

My sweet Aunt Kathy before the wedding:

And her first Grandbaby, Carolyn:


sherry - January 22, 2013 - 6:49 pm

Amy-I love all of these pictures! That first one of Caleb about did me in! What a sweet time :)

Kathy - February 2, 2013 - 1:52 am

What a wonderful day! It wouldn’t have been the same without your crew coming all the way from Houston! Thank you. Caleb was AMAZING! Brook loved having him be a part. He thinks he is such a cool guy. Love you sweet girl. SO proud of you!!! I want to cry as I look at sweet Sarah. So darling… It was just yesterday you were her age. :-)
I also LOVE that picture of Mom with Sarah.

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Christmas Break

All things must come to an end… Even Christmas Break.

Today I dropped the kiddos off at school.

These days off have been so precious

Prior to Christmas, we had so many fun parties and events. It was some great times and we would not have wanted to miss any of it. However, it was CRAZY.

So once Christmas was over, we have chilled…. It took at day or two to get into Chill mode. We had been so busy, we had sort of forgotten how to slow down.

But it did not take long… We were sleeping in, wearing PJs all day, and effectively “Chilling”. Even my kids have started sleeping late. Late is relative, but much later than usual for us.

We have rode bikes, went to parks, played with the dog, played some football, video games, and watched movies together. We even have enjoyed the fireplace. The weather has actually felt like December lately. It has added to the extra coziness around here. These have been some of my most favorite days in a while and I am so grateful.

One of Caleb’s many Football games:

He looks cold doesn’t he? He refuses to wear a jacket or anything long sleeve. I don’t understand why kids refuse sleeves…

My Sarah girl wears her American girl gown every chance she gets. She has played dolls, dolls, and more dolls. Also, she has discovered Just Dance this Christmas Break. She happens to be a pretty good dancer. Caleb is too, by the way.

So thankful for down times. We need them desperately as we are such a busy family.

“I think togetherness is a very important ingredient to family life”

Barbara Bush


Nana - January 4, 2013 - 1:23 am

Makes me miss them so much!!! Can’t wait till I come – glad ya’ll had a great time together!!!

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Historic Home

Last week, I took pictures of some friends at their new home in a historic part of Montgomery. It was a beautiful area and truly unique. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen around here.

It just so happened the house across the street was for sale:

(please indulge me… I am doing this mostly to show my parents who wanted to see more of this home – thank you)

It was built in the 1850-60s. Sam Houston frequented it (or atleast that is what the real estate info tells us). Sarah is doing a report on Sam Houston so this was super cool to her.

It had a true “hitching post”. In case you don’t know, (I didn’t) that is where you would leave your horse:

View from front porch:

View from gate:

Side view:

Back…. Oh that Oak Tree… Swoon:

Another Back View:

The Inside…. Well, it needs a little work. Actually, it needs to be completely redone as in gutted. It has potential….:

The upstairs was like a museum. Nothing had been done to it (as far as we could tell) since it was built. They had old books, pictures, clothes, and documents everywhere.


View from upstairs bedroom:

I think I got a little excited taking pictures of all these antiques. I did not even realize that I did this:

The origional drawings of the house:

You don’t see stuff like this everyday.

And… This house comes with amazing neighbors:

It was a nice morning.

Mom - December 30, 2012 - 2:17 pm

I am breathless!!!! I love it – a lot of work but great potential!!! I can just see Caleb climbing that tree!!

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