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    by Amy Chappelle

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend?

We are a baseball family and have been for quite a while. That means many of our spring and usually fall weekends are spent at the ballpark. We don’t mind. We have been with this team, The Wolverines, for about 3 years I believe. We happen to love this stuff. There is nothing like watching Caleb play ball with his friends.

Thankfully, Sarah has a buddy that she looks forward to seeing:

We always bring a bag of toys for these two to play with. I am happy that Sarah will have such happy memories from growing up at the ballpark.

So, our team, has had it’s struggles. This was the third tournament that we got the unlucky draw of playing a hard team that just barely beats us and ends up in the tournament championship. As a matter of fact the team that beat us (by one point) played the last team that beat us in the tournament championship last night. We are proud of our boys after this weekend. They played hard yesterday. They all showed up and gave it their best. That is all we ask. Our day will come. 

Caleb tried his hand at pitching. It is something that he really wants to develop. We were short a pitcher this weekend, so they put him in. The bases were loaded already though. He had some trouble, and wasn’t in too long. Talk about pressure…. This mama could do without that.

He is normally a first baseman. I LOVE to see him play here. He has an instinctive ability to stretch to get the ball while his foot is on the bag. Pam, a family friend that came to watch this weekend, nicknamed him “Stretch”. Pam also gave Prezley, the fastest boy on our team, the name “Wheels”. Our awesome pitcher, Matthew, earned the nickname “Ironman” from Pam also. I like it!

Pam is on the left. Just thought you should put a face with a name.  In the middle is Mimi and on the right is Nanny:

For fun, I thought is would be nice to remember how we all started. I believe this was 3 years ago. We all met on the AAA Orwall team, The Yankees. We made it to the World Series and won! Here they are:

It is amazing to me looking at this photo how small they were and how much they have grown since then. Little did I know, 3 years ago, how much these boys would mean to us. We are much more than a team. Some of these boys have moved on to other teams, but we keep up with most of them.  We have gained a few players. What a great journey it has been… More to come.



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Hello world!

I have decided to blog again….


I am hoping to use this as a place to document our family life, organize thoughts, and have fun with photography along the way. Just working on it has inspired me. I can’t wait to really get started.


I will begin blogging by sharing with you some of our precious friends and family that we shared Easter with last weekend. I did not take ONE picture of my family…. Oh well. I get them all the time.  Aren’t they beautiful:

I hope you enjoy it!




Kathy - April 17, 2012 - 3:21 am

I have meant to tell you that I have been missing your blog. You know I LOVE your photos, but I love your writing just as much. You have a gift sweet girl. So glad you are using it.

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