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Fall Pep Rally 2013

Last night, Caleb participated in his first Middle School Pep Rally.

Oh, Boy…. Have we been looking forward to this.

A few years ago, we started going to the Pep Rallies.

Each time, we would always say, “Can’t wait till Caleb can be part of that!”

They do such a great job. We have amazing coaches, thank God, that LOVE our kids and the sports program.

We LOVE sports, like ALL of them, so this is right up our allie.

I love the band, the cheerleaders, the energy, and all our “cute” athletes…. Yes, I said CUTE. I know that they would not prefer that adjective, but I cannot help myself. They look sooooo cute all dressed with numbers standing with their teammates. It is just too much, really too much.

Last night, my favorite part just happened to be the introduction of the Middle School Football Players. Particularly, this one:

Fat chance on getting him to smile and actually look at the camera….I’m ok with that. I get it. We are in Middle School now.

After all the teams had been introduced, they had a prayer in the Wagon Wheel led by our Head Varsity Football Coach:

And then….. The music started to “Lean on Me” …. and:

I have a feeling that the prior picture may end up on a senior video.

Caleb trying his hand at some moves:

Caleb doesn’t get a lot from his Mom, but I proudly claim his dance moves… yep those are my gene.

And then, some varsity players ran out and started dancing in the middle:

That’s all it took:

I get the feeling that I am about to watch a movie, one I have been waiting and waiting to watch. I am in the chair, the lights have lowered, and my hand is aiming at the popcorn bucket. Chills….

Oh, and they have the BEST cheerleader too:

sherry - August 29, 2013 - 8:45 pm

so incredibly perfect! Love every part of this!

Ginger Chappelle - August 29, 2013 - 10:00 pm

So fun! Loved watching all of this and yes, we have been waiting for this.

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